Convenient. Safe. Efficient.

A successful liquids handling facility servicing
marine and rail industries on the Port of New Orleans.

About Gulf Gateway Terminal

Gulf Gateway Terminal (“GGT”) is a barge-to-rail transloading and storage facility located on 41.5 industrially zoned acres on the Port of New Orleans.

The terminal has access to six class-one railroads via the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (“NOPB”). GGT’s rail accessibility provides customers with the ability to facilitate outbound bulk shipments cost effectively to every North American rail destination.

GGT has one operational tank with 134,000 barrels of shell capacity and is permitted to build two additional 170,000-barrel tanks on its existing pads. The terminal transfers and stores diesel and conventional diesel and can handle additional products depending on customer needs.

The facility is located at the 9 mile marker on the eastern reach of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway with a 600’ long river barge dock/berth certified for single barge or tandem barge unloading in a strung out position or in a multi-breasted position. This allows up to 4 barges to be berthed at one time. The tank is integrally connected to the 10,000’ railyard and the barge dock.

The facility was built in 2013 on an existing industrial site within the Port of New Orleans complex of facilities called the Elaine Street Wharf. GGT was the third repurposing of the facility which was originally built in 1962.

The mission of GGT is to provide a successful liquids handling facility servicing marine and rail industries with conveniently located, safe and efficient hydrocarbon liquids transfers. This is achieved through application of good industry practices using innovative engineering technology in combination with creative operational procedures to maintain a position as an industry lead with competitive pricing.

Strategic partners related to GGT offer substantial benefits for clients by offering connections to transportation networks and related other equipment (railcars and barges) and facilities (other loading and offloading terminals).

GGT is owned equally by affiliates of Murex LLC, the premier low carbon marketing and logistics company for renewable fuels, located in Plano, Texas, and Bulk Resources, an entrepreneurial company focused on bulk materials loading, transfer and storage equipment, and facilities, located in Plant City, Texas.

Railroad Connectivity

GGT Services

Dock Operations

GGT’s Dock is at mile marker 64 on the Industrial Canal. We can load/unload up to 10,000 BBL per hour.

Transloading Operations

GGT has 11,040ft of rail serviced by NOPB. We can load up to 50RCs from our tank and 37 railcars from the dock daily.

Tank Storage

The tank has a capacity of 130,000BBL, which can be used for the Dock or Rail loading operations.